Obiettivo Free Eye

FreeEye - System

Patented System for still photography, motion pictures and video. The lens mounted on a "Floating Plate" allows to be 25mm shifted in any direction, with movements orbital, fluids and continuous.

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The Operativity

- it keeps the perpendicularity of the lines in the frame, warranting the corrected shaped restitution, technical and professional, whether using cameras or video cameras.
- it adds creativeness to the shooting, especially in "broadcasting", where the lens mounted on a "floating plate" makes an atypical movement, fluid and "wave motion" until now never thought, similar to the "shuttle movement" of the "dynamic cinema" and some other "wake, motion” effects.
- FreeEye is right for the studio working, but also in the external shooting, it is able to make the same quality of a view camera, but in the time and way of a simple 35mm camera: the lens movement in photography allows "multiple exposure" without corrections between the merge of photos in post-production.

The Idea

"As the eye is free to roll into the eyelids, also a lens can freely move itself into the covering circle of the picture".
(Giancarlo Gardin, 1999/03/29, patent certified on the Research Report of the European Patent Office).

The Tool

FreeEye is an entirely mechanical precision instrument, realized with Durall115 metal bars, manufactured by Cambo Photographisce Industries: each piece is tested and guaranteed. It helps to shoot with correction of perspective, without complicated mechanisms not right for the practical work.

The System

- Lenses interchangeability: different optical systems among themselves by kind and format thanks to a sole floating adapter can be used in a new way.
- Cameras interchangeability: photo and video cameras, not compatible among themselves, today became this with the simple clutch of FreeEye.

FreeEye Body

Is the "central part" of a professional camera System: it can be mounted on Digital full-frame photo and video cameras (Sensor size 35mm / Super35mm) assembled to medium format analogical lenses, by dedicated Adapter Rings realized with Durall115 metal bars, manufactured by Cambo Photographisce Industries, Ø 135mm/157mm, weight 390g.

Tripod Adapter

An intelligent double-scrows 1/4” and 3/8” support for the tripod, realized with Durall115 metal bars, manufactured by Cambo Photographisce Industries, weight 70g.

Camera Mounts

Interchangeable bayonets manufactured by Coma, Costruzioni Ottiche Meccaniche Adriano Lolli.
- Bayonet EF-Mount for the Video Cameras Super35: Blackmagic Cinema - Red Digital - Sony Broadcast Camcorders - Kinefinity 4k / 6K - Canon C100* C300* C500*
- Bayonet PL-Mount for the Video Cameras 35mm: Arri Alexa - Arri Alexa Mini
- Bayonet EF-Mount for DSLR full-frame cameras Canon EOS-System
- Bayonet K-Mount for DSLR full-frame cameras Pentax K-System
- Bayonet E-Mount for Mirrorless full-frame Sony A-System
- Bayonet L-Mount for Mirrorless full-frame Leica SL-System
- Bayonet S-Mount for DSLR Professional Medium-format Cameras Leica SE-System
- Bayonet Pentax 67 for DSLR Professional Medium-format Pentax 645-System
- Bayonet XF 645 for DSLR Professional Medium-format Mamiya Leaf, Phase One XF-System

Lens Adapter Rings

Interchangeable adapter rings realized with Durall115 metal bars, manufactured by Cambo Photographisce Industries, weight +/-100g, infinity focus for all focal lengths.

- Hasselblad V for all the lenses by Zeiss and Schneider manufactured for Hasselblad V-System: C – CF – F
- Mamiya RZ, Mamiya RB, for all the lenses of Mamiya-Sekor 67-Systems (with the helicoids for precision focus)
- Bronica SQ for all the lenses of Zenza-Bronica 66-System
- Bronica GS for all the lenses of Zenza-Bronica 67-System
- Pentax 67 for all the lenses of Asahi-Pentax 67-System
- Pentacon 6 / Kiev 60 for all the lenses of Pentacon 66-System and Kiev 60-System
- Kiev 88/66 for all the lenses of Kiev 88/66-Systems
**Kowa Six for all the lenses of Kowa 66-System

Important Notices

Development of the projects: FreeEye-System will enrich itself with other specific accessories, to be used with what already in production.
*ask technical information
**Made on request only